Strategy and structure

Reinsurance is our core competency. As reinsurance buyers, we bring you up to par with your business partners. We are not brokers but an extension of your reinsurance department. We render secondary opinions for your reinsurance strategy or contract structure as unbiased market players without own business interests. We obtain the needed actuarial and legal expertise for the evaluation directly from our network.

Processes and brokers

Solvency II requests insurance companies to rearrange internal processes as well as to include relevant external partners and incorporate them in a regular risk management. We record all relevant processes of your reinsurance department through interviews, workshops and the study of documents. Based on the outcome we assist you with process optimization as well as in tendering services of a potentially integrated reinsurance broker.


You don’t have your own reinsurance department and do without the inclusion of a broker? We are at your side during the reinsurance year and take over relevant processes (outsourcing).